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Frost Music Masters

The Frost Music Masters video series explores intricate musical works by acclaimed musicians and composers in their respective genres, and how there is more than one way to play and teach a celebrated piece of music. 

Join Shelly Berg, five-time GRAMMY®-nominated Dean of the Frost School of Music, and Martin Bejerano, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and Frost Associate Professor of Jazz Piano, as they bridge the distance between the classical and jazz genres. Touching on genre-bending improvisation, they explore the lasting influence of music from a century ago and provide a look into two different worlds that are more similar than they appear.

This latest episode features classical music compositions by Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven as well as the jazz artists who have borrowed elements from these legendary composers in their contemporary work.

Frost Music Masters is a perfect example of the non-siloed opportunities, insightful discussions, and cross-genre performances that occur in our classrooms at any given moment. Here's a peek inside the Frost School with our talented faculty artist. Enjoy!